Nickel Alloys

High Nickel Alloys and Other Vacuum-Melted Steels: these very specialized products, made by only a limited number of mills worldwide, are designed to be used in extreme environments and for their special properties giving high performance capabilities. Some examples are: mechanical resistance at high temperatures, oxidation resistance at high temperatures, corrosion resistance, electric resistivity or conductivity and thermal conductivity. Product types are: wire rod, wire, hot rolled and cold finished bars and shapes, billets, and blocks. Typical grades are: Monel and Inconel products types 400, 600, 625, 800, A286, C276. Also: Maraging types 250 and 300 and aerospace grades like VAR 15-5, 300M, or 9310.
These products can be sold to forgers, wire drawers, or industrial equipment manufacturers, and the ultimate applications are those in the aerospace, petroleum or petrochemical, surgical implant, and electro-electronic industries, to name a few.
AMS has an excellent reputation in the American market as a supplier of highest quality specialty steels, and the mill has qualifications with major aerospace firms.


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